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Chicago 2016 Update: Waiting with bated breath

I was recently looking back over some of my old Chicago 2016-related content the other day when I realized, “Wow — the IOC is actually going to pick the host city for the 2016 Olympics. It’s time.”

Well, the decision is tomorrow, and I suppose we’ll see what happens. If Chicago is picked, I may be inspired to start documenting my thoughts on the bid and the process.

Also, I must say I’m impressed with Billy Dec’s work in compiling celebrity interviews about the Chicago 2016 bid. Give that man a medal. Or a burger.

Chicago 2016 Update: Chicago still in hunt for 2016 Summer Olympics

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Chicago was chosen as a finalist in the International Olympic Committee’s host search for the 2016 Olympics.

According to Chicago Tribune reporter Philip Hersh, the other cities chosen were Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid.

One point of concern for the IOC, however, is Chicago’s public transportation system. The committee issued a report, “Games of the XXXI Olympiad 2016 Working Group Report.” Here’s an excerpt from the report’s transportation section:

The Chicago Application File states that the city expects to spend USD 27 billion on motorway and transit projects by 2016. However, the Working Group found that this figure was not consistent with the existing, planned and additional transport infrastructure project figures listed in the Application File (total amount of USD 2.7 billion).

In general, venues along Michigan Lakefront appear to be well connected to the major coastal motorway (Lake Shore Drive) but are not in close proximity to rail lines and stations. The Working Group had difficulty in identifying the location of transport projects and therefore assessing the coherence between transport projects and the Olympic Games concept.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Stay tuned, folks.

Chicago 2016 Update: Medill New Media Publishing Project group kicks butt with GPS-enabled storytelling

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Several days ago, I received an invitation from the Medill New Media Publishing Project to check out this year’s project. A location-based tour of Washington Park, the proposed site for the Chicago 2016 Olympic Stadium.

The good news: The tour went quite well, and made it clear that location-based storytelling could work under certain circumstances. The bad news: While the walk in the park was, well, not quite a walk in the park — rimshot — the technology is about a year or two from where it needs to be to be effective.

For more information on the tour, check out the group’s post here. (Can’t wait to read the report, guys!)

Chicago 2016 Update: Chicago 2016 committee taps Ogilvy Chicago for Web site overhaul

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It looks like Chicago 2016 is going for a new look.

According to Chicago Tribune reporter Kathy Bergen, the committee recently hired Ogilvy Chicago to take over its presence on the Web.

Chicago 2016 spokesman Patrick Sandusky said the Ogilvy is charged to “build a more dynamic and interactive Web site that will better showcase our bid and our city to an international audience.”

Now, the page isn’t the worst I’ve seen, but perhaps it’s a bit too bloggy. However, it would be nice if press releases were posted on time. Perhaps this will change.

Chicago 2016 Update: Link to gets deleted on Wikipedia…twice

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Evidently, someone doesn’t like me.

Seeing as I’m Google’s #1-ranked blogger for most terms related to the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid, I tried linking my “Chicago 2016” category page to Wikipedia’s entry for the bid as an external link.

It was deleted. Twice.

Here’s a question for you: gets all sorts of visits from folks looking for information about the bid, and I’d like to think it’s a good resources for them. Was it wrong for me to try to promote my page on Wikipedia as a source? If not, was it wrong for it to be deleted? The other two external links up there are the official Chicago 2016 committee page and the Chicago African American Olympic Committee page.

I mean, if I didn’t regularly add bid-related content from various news sources, I wouldn’t have added it. What do you think?

Chicago 2016 Update: IOC probably won’t discipline Chicago 2016 for rules violation

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Last week, it was reported that Chicago 2016 chairman Patrick Ryan met with International Olympic Committee member Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah of Kuwait in early February.

According to the IOC’s rules of conduct, bid city officials can’t meet with IOC members. At all.

Chicago 2016 spokesman Patrick Sandusky said Ryan, who serves as chair for Northwestern University’s board of trustees, traveled to Qatar and Kuwait as an emissary for the university’s new Qatar campus and on business for Aon Corp., of which he is executive chairman.

Philip Hersh of the Chicago Tribune reports that the IOC has plans to look into the matter, but they don’t seem to think it’s an issue.

While this may not mean anything in the long run, why risk it? There are seven other NU board members and dozens of trustees. Couldn’t anyone else have gone?

What do you think?

Chicago 2016 Update: Chicago ranked #1 2016 ATR Olympic Bid Power Index

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According to Around The Rings, Chicago has the best bid so far for the 2016 Olympics:

1. Chicago – 79
2.(tie) Madrid – 77
2.(tie) Rio de Janeiro – 77
3. Tokyo – 74
4. Doha – 69
5.(tie) Prague – 55

The site evaluated the bids in several categories, including ambiance, accommodation, legacy, transport and cost. The Windy City scored highest, with 8 of 10 possible points, on accommodation, ambiance and transport.