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Tidbit of the Day: A-Rod’s wife packs up, leaves

I’ll never miss an opportunity to bash the New York Yankees, especially when the target is as juicy as Alex Rodriguez.

According to a gossip column in today’s New York Daily News, Rodriguez’s wife, Cynthia, packed up and left when he was out on the town with a buxom blond.

The News reports:

“In New York, A-Rod used to be a regular at the VIP Club, where he always asked for a dancer who performs under the stage name Monique.

Monique is 5-feet-5 with brown hair and brown eyes and has a well-toned, muscular figure, a pal said.

When the stripper jumped over to the Hustler Club, Rodriguez started going there to see her perform and buy sexy lap dances, a source said.

He even took her out for a pricey shopping spree at the Versace store on Fifth Ave., the source said.

Some claimed Rodriguez even shoots X-rated text messages to hisfavorite strippers across the country.

‘He loves to text dirty,’ said a strip club insider. ‘His wife should check his messages.’


Chicago 2016 Update: Chicago in if bowling included for 2016 Games?

2016 Update

Ah, I just got a funny image in my head after reading this story, which originally appeared in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

The inclusion of bowling in the 2016 Olympics could actually happen, according to the story. Thing is, the World Tenpin Bowling Association has an amateurs-only rule for bowling on the international stage, unlike, say, basketball.

Just think of this, though: beer-guzzling, brat-chomping Chicagoans cheering for American bowlers at Lucky Strike Lanes, or wherever the events would be held. Very Happy Gilmore-esque, no?

This is Chicago 2016. This is the true spirit of the Olympics, not that dainty pairs figure skating stuff.

Mets rebound, take final two games of series vs. Cubbies

New York Mets logo


It figures, no? The day after the Mets got killed by the Cubs, they come back to win the next two games. On Wednesday, we won 8-1.

In the bottom of the ninth inning yesterday, the Mets scored five runs off Chicago reliever Scott Eyre and closer Ryan Dempster, coming back from a 5-1 deficit to beat the Cubs, 6-5.

I just wish I could’ve watched the game, but damn MLB TV blacks out watch local games when I’m at school, so I couldn’t watch it. Oh well, at least I could listen to my hometown WFAN broadcast.

I’m going to today’s Cubs-Sox subway series game at Wrigley Field, so, needless to say, I won’t be doing much blogging today.

Mets down Cubbies in Game One of series, 5-4

New York Mets logo

It wasn’t pretty, but it counted.

The New York Mets beat the Chicago Cubs yesterday, 5-4, on a bases-loaded walk in the bottom of the ninth inning yesterday at Shea Stadium in the toilet of Queens, New York: Flushing.

After walking three straight batters with two outs in the ninth, Cubs reliever Michael Wuertz went to a full count on slumping Mets first baseman Carlos Delgado.

Wuertz’s final pitch was a few inches too high, and while Delgado trotted to first base, All-Star shortstop Jose Reyes scored the winning run.

Mets All-Star third baseman David Wright, who started out the season in a slump, has been hitting well lately. Wright helped the team erase a four-run deficit with a two-run homer, his fourth of the year.

Mollie’s bleeds Cub red-and-blue, so I watch a lot of the games with her. (In fact, this blog post is meant to rub it in a bit.) But as much as I enjoyed the Mets win, it just really depresses me to watch the Cubs bullpen.

News on Game Two tomorrow.

(Well, it’s not really a “Game Two,” per se. More like any other “game two,” but because of my relationship, it deserves to be capitalized. You know how it is.)

New York Mets Update: Chan Ho Park designated for assignment? What?

New York Mets logo

Are the Mets serious? Designating Chan Ho Park for assignment?

Chan Ho Park: Career 4.40 ERA, over 1500 career strikeouts. Granted, he hasn’t had an amazing season since 2001 with the Texas Rangers.

But team pitching guru Rick Peterson can work with anyone, anyone. I don’t think it’s Park’s skills that are the problem, but rather his mechanics. And he only pitched one game this season.

Give the guy a break. He can probably help down the stretch.

Chicago 2016 Olympics Update: Chi-town to host world amateur boxing championships

2016 Update

The International Amateur Boxing Association announced Thursday that Chicago would take Moscow’s place as the host city for this year’s amateur championships. Matches will be held from Oct. 17 to the final on Nov. 1.

Moscow was deselected because it didn’t live up to its committments, said AIBA, whatever that means. (Probably money or politics.)

“We know that Chicago has a great boxing tradition and we are excited about the opportunity of showcasing our sport in such an important American city,” AIBA president C.K. Wu said in a statement.

It could be a decent stage on which Chicago can show off its international feathers, and I have no doubt it will, but I think one event is about all anyone can handle.

But I suppose you never know.

(More information coming soon.)

ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS ALERT: Read AIBA’s full statement here.

Mets’ Reyes, Maine honored by MLB

New York Mets logo

Things may be looking up again for my New York Metropolitans after a brief slump, if you can even call it that. (They’re 16-10, 2nd place in the NL East.)

Shortstop Jose Reyes and pitcher John Maine were honored by Major League Baseball as the NL Player and Pitcher of the Month.

Both have – not surprisingly – been on a tear this season. Reyes is hitting almost .350 with 28 runs and 17 stolen bases. Maine is 4-0 with a 1.35 ERA and 30 strikeouts.

At this rate, could Maine (gasp) reach 20 wins? He certainly has enough run support, at 7.56 a game, the 8th best in the bigs.

Maybe we should save some of those runs for those late-season games against Florida and Atlanta. But hey, I won’t complain.