Chicago 2016 Olympics Update: CTA upgrades with 2016 Olympics?

2016 Update

In this month’s issue of Budget and Tax News, Dennis Byrne reports the inadequacies of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s Chicago 2016 plans.

According to University of Chicago sports economist Allen Sanderson, not all of the costs of hosting the Games have been considered. He cites the CTA upgrades required to handle a rider surge during the Olympics, nor a backup plan if – or when – it goes over budget.

(To date, London 2012 costs have tripled to $18 billion and Beijing is pouring $40 billion into the 2008 Olympics.)

I don’t think the CTA can get any worse than it already is, to be honest…


  1. jorgev

    I enjoy your occasional articles on your perspective of the 2016 Olympics.

    I myself, think that no one but businesses will benefit from these Olympics being here. The city needs to make many upgrades on infrastructures and it would all cost tax payers more money. Aside from this it would speed gentrification in the south side, which would force people to move out. If not gentrification, many businesses will establish in the areas where Olympic events will take place only to leave and create more vacant lots in our city. Either way, there is no beneficial side to the Olympics besides gaining a bit more popularity.

    Again, thanks for posting.

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