Chicago 2016 Update: 2016 Olympic bid cities announced

2016 Update

And then there were seven.

Chicago officially has some stiff competition for the 2016 Olympics. Baku, Doha, Madrid, Prague, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo are also in the running with the Windy City.

Now what happens? The first phase, known as the Candidature Acceptance Procedure, will feature a review by the International Olympic Committee of each city’s potential to organize a successful Olympic Games in 2016. The second phase, the Candidature Procedure, will have city Olympic committees submit in-depth descriptions of their Olympic projects.

(You probably don’t want to read these 100+ page procedures, but I linked you to them anyway, just in case!)


  1. Nina

    And of those six cities, two (Madrid and Prague), maybe three (if Tokyo ever gets some signs in English), of those are actually viable competition.

  2. Tim Spangler

    Something tells me that we don’t have anything to worry about as long as we fix our pathetic public transportation.

    And as a Chicago native who’s intending to stay here, I hope we get the Olympics JUST so the CTA gets fixed!

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