Chicago 2016 Update: Billboard pulled from Rush Street perch

2016 Update

Evidently, a pro-divorce billboard got pulled yesterday on Rush Street.

The billboard, which said, “Life is Short, Get a Divorce,” was put up a week ago, but was taken down, reports the Sun-Times.

Corri Fetman, president of Chicago Women at Law, Ltd., spearheaded the effort, and her supporters told the Sun-Times that the billboard would have pushed those in shaky marriages to get a divorce. As a result, they said, it would have conveyed an image that would repel support for the Chicago 2016 games.

But Ald. Burton Natarus (42nd Ward) said it wasn’t about that, but instead cited a lack of a proper permit.

What really caused the sign to be taken down is anyone’s guess, but if divorce is happening all over the world, wouldn’t this seem a bit backwards?

This became a global story. Let’s see if the city embarrasses itself again.

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