Chicago 2016 Update: Chicago 2016 committee taps Ogilvy Chicago for Web site overhaul

2016 Logo

It looks like Chicago 2016 is going for a new look.

According to Chicago Tribune reporter Kathy Bergen, the committee recently hired Ogilvy Chicago to take over its presence on the Web.

Chicago 2016 spokesman Patrick Sandusky said the Ogilvy is charged to “build a more dynamic and interactive Web site that will better showcase our bid and our city to an international audience.”

Now, the page isn’t the worst I’ve seen, but perhaps it’s a bit too bloggy. However, it would be nice if press releases were posted on time. Perhaps this will change.


  1. Mike Maddaloni - The Hot Iron

    What is live now is, I believe, what they have done in-house, and it has not served the Olympic movement here well at all.

    There has been little to no buzz in the city – online or offline – for what will be announced less than a year from now. Sure, a lot of the activity that takes place is done behind closed doors. Hopefully bringing in marketing experts will help the cause.


  2. Daniel

    It seems the Games really may not be for the residents, and it would be a shame if the mindset were, “Let’s get it done despite what Chicagoans think.”

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