Chicago 2016 Update: Chicago Defender’s Managing Editor Glenn Reedus weighs in on Olympic bid

2016 Update

It’s about time we heard from the other side of the table.

Those who would be directly affected by the Chicago 2016 Olympic games are finally starting to weigh in. I just read a refreshingly candid editorial in yesterday’s Chicago Defender, written by managing editor Glenn Reedus.

He writes:

“Some of the residents of Washington Park and Douglas Park are standoffish about the games to their neighborhoods. Well, if the committee wants to begin discussions; the residents are likely to be more inclined when they see someone who looks like them associated with the process.”

The Defender has pretty much been the only voice of the South Side black community over the last century or so, and I think it’s about time they weighed in, editorially, on the Chicago 2016 bid.


  1. kweenkong

    So glad I found out about your site at John Chow’s! I’m also in Chicago, and I’m on the South side — hence the name of my blog:

    I’ve not spoken with any area resident of the predominently black Washington Park community who’s excited about the prospect of the Olympics coming to Chicago. Everyone I’ve talked with around here believes the city — and the powerful U. of Chicago — already are plotting to snatch their land/homes/apartments, with inadequate financial or other meaningful support for uprooting them.

    The possibility of some of the main Olympics venues being built around here, once families are booted out, already is contentious. If Chicago actually wins the global bid, you can bet race issues will become so heated that people will think there’s another “great fire” raging here. lol

    Let’s keep in touch,


  2. Daniel

    Maybe it’s a fire that needs to happen here in Chicago. Some thought the race wars were over when Harold Washington died, and they were wrong.

  3. Daniel

    Someone searched for Glenn Reedus today on Google and found this blog. If it was Mr. Reedus, I hope he read and enjoyed this post.

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