Chicago 2016 Update: Chicago hosts World Team Volleyball events

2016 Update

It’s been a busy day for international sports in Chicago.

In what may be another trial run for the Chicago 2016 Olympics, World Sport Chicago, along with U.S.A. Volleyball and the Internation Federation of Volleyball, announced that they will host an international volleyball match here on June 15-16 at the Jones Convocation Center at Chicago State University. The match will pit Team U.S.A. against Team Italy on the both days, with France and Japan facing off elsewhere.

This announcement came soon after the Amateur International Boxing Association announced that they were holding their World Amateur Boxing Championship events here in Chicago in late October-early November.

What’s next, cricket?


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  2. Falcon18

    This event was announced a month or two prior to May 10th. The tickets went on sale in the first week of May.

    Also, both Friday and Saturday has US facing off against Italy. France and Japan are not playing in Chicago.

  3. Daniel

    Thanks a lot for the corrections, Falcon. Please keep me posted if anything else changes. I look forward to future comments!

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