Chicago 2016 Update: Gray Line, eh?

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Check out this piece by Chicago Reader reporter Ben Joravsky about Mike Payne, whose “Gray Line” proposal for the CTA actually doesn’t seem like a bad idea. (Scroll down the page to see the story, titled “Man With a Plan.”

Payne, an unemployed typewriter repairman, proposes running the Gray Line from the Loop, down near McCormick Place (and the site of a proposed Olympic Village for the 2016 Olympics), and down to 111th Street on the Southeast side.

It probably won’t happen, but I certainly hope Ron Huberman reads the piece.


  1. Mike Maddaloni

    Oh, the improvements the CTA could make! I am still surprised there is no regular L service to McCormick Place and the United Center, Olympics or not.

    Something like this will take leadership. That’s all I will say… 🙂


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