Chicago 2016 Update: Link to gets deleted on Wikipedia…twice

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Evidently, someone doesn’t like me.

Seeing as I’m Google’s #1-ranked blogger for most terms related to the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid, I tried linking my “Chicago 2016” category page to Wikipedia’s entry for the bid as an external link.

It was deleted. Twice.

Here’s a question for you: gets all sorts of visits from folks looking for information about the bid, and I’d like to think it’s a good resources for them. Was it wrong for me to try to promote my page on Wikipedia as a source? If not, was it wrong for it to be deleted? The other two external links up there are the official Chicago 2016 committee page and the Chicago African American Olympic Committee page.

I mean, if I didn’t regularly add bid-related content from various news sources, I wouldn’t have added it. What do you think?


  1. Mollie

    Maybe some crazy from your past doesn’t like you, nor wants you to have wiki fame.
    Probably not though..
    Why don’t you just email wikipedia and ask? Maybe they can control it to some extent.

  2. Tim

    Wikipedia is a great source for researching things, but the editors and regular contributors tend to be a bunch of bureaucratic loonies.

    When it comes to Wikipedia my philosophy is all take, no give.

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