Chicago 2016 Update: USOC chief: ‘We are not leading this parade at all’

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Earlier today, United States Olympic Committee chairman Peter Ueberroth said Chicago 2016 had a long way to go in its bid.

Philip Hersh of the Chicago Tribune reported Ueberroth met with Mayor Richard M. Daley today and voiced his displeasure. He said the Chicago 2016 committee needed to focus its efforts on wooing the International Olympic Committee instead of concentrating on the bid’s technical aspects.

I wonder what really was going through his head when he met with Daley. Any ideas?

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  1. Mike Maddaloni

    So what can we, the common people and small businessmen of the city, do to help?!

    There has been much talk about how the community and business must step up and government cannot do it themselves. As companies are merging and losing their local identity (e.g. LaSalle Bank) or cannot help at all as they are global Olympic sponsors (e.g. McDonald’s), who is going to pick up the slack?

    The organizing committee has to help us help them!


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