Chicago Epicurean: Orion Cooker recipes

I’ve recently been receiving a lot of traffic from folks looking for my Orion Cooker review or Orion Cooker recipes after my first Chicago Epicurean post about the cooker.

So, I’ve taken the liberty of posting some recipes from the Orion Cooker site. Enjoy!

Hush Yo’ Mouth Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs (1-6 racks)
Cayenne Pepper (1 tsp)
Orion’s Dry Rub Garlic (2 cloves)
Apple Cider Vinegar (1 cup)
Salt (to taste)
Ketchup (1 cup)
Mustard (5 tbsp)

Remove the ribs from the package, rinse, and pat dry. Apply Orion’s Dry Rub evenly. Affix the ribs to the rib hangers and place in the cooker. Then, fire up your Orion Cooker ™ and cook for 1 hour 15 mins*, or until done. Best if cooked with mesquite chips.

Barbecue Sauce (optional): Mix vinegar, ketchup, and mustard until it’s a light orange color. Add the cayenne pepper, garlic, salt and Tabasco sauce to taste. Apply before and after cooking.

*This time is for six racks of ribs. For fewer ribs the time will be less—3 racks 1hr 10 mins.

(Lizzie Powell – Atlanta, GA)

Tequila Chicken Wings

20-40 chicken wings
Tequila 1 pint
Lime Juice 2 cups
Lemon Juice 2 cups
2 table spoons of salt
1 tablespoon Tabasco™

Take wings out of package and wash with water. Dry with paper towel. Place selected amount of wings in large zip lock bag. Add one pint of tequila, two cups of lime juice, two cups of lemon juice, two tablespoons of salt and one tablespoon of Tabasco ™ to the chicken in the bag. Marinate for 6hrs. Add hickory chips between the cooking cylinder and drip pan. Place appropriate number of grates inside of cooking cylinder, place chicken wings on grates. Place charcoal in upper and lower charcoal rings. Light and come back at designated time. Check meat for doneness. 20 wings 45 minutes, 40 wings 1 hour.

(Rob Howells – Dublin, CA)

Wickers Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken 3-4 lbs.
Wickers Marinade
Honey (to taste)
Salt & Pepper (to taste)

Marinate chicken in Wickers for two hours. Remove chicken from marinade and inject it with more Wickers. Rub outside of chicken with a mixture of honey, salt and pepper. Place the chicken on the poultry stand and place inside the cooker. Then, fire up your Orion Cooker ™ . Cook for 1 hour 30 mins, or until done. Use a meat thermometer placed in the middle of the breast to ensure the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Great if cooked with apple or cherry chips which add a splendid flavor and crispiness to the skin!

(Fargason Erb – Memphis , TN)


  1. dan360man

    Is it cooked or uncooked?

    If it's already cooked, cook it for 70 minutes. If not, two hours.

    If you're doing a rub, use pineapple juice and dark brown sugar. You can also try putting some hickory chips in there for some smoke.

    Hope this helps!

  2. KEMP

    I want to ORION a prime rin and a brisket need your best recipe…. pull out all of the stops. Iwill give feed back with a rating. thanks L

  3. dinnerware

    “Hush Yo’ Mouth Baby Back Ribs” lol. That got me crackin, for sure all mouths are hushed once they're eating this stuff. Neat recipe, Thanks!

    By the way, have you heard about Lion's Deal, the online kitchen and restaurant equipment store? They've got lots of great discount in their web site! Just enter the coupon code on the checkout page to get the discount 'online 10' which will give 8-10% off everything on the entire website with a minimum $50 order.

  4. Rmentzer3

    We tried the tequila wings tonight. Just in time for the first LSU game of the season. They are great. What we did after cooking them is squeezed the juice of one lime and one lemon over them. Loved the fresh citrus kick. Thanks, Richard and Charlene.
    Goooo Tigers!!!!!!!

  5. Winston

    I got a 13lb Lundy ham,(cooked) scored it and put a pineapple juice/brown sugar paste all over,cooked approximatel 4 and 1/2 hours, I added more charcoal on top and bottom about half way. It was unbelievable.

  6. Smokin' Apples

    Ccooked 40 lbs of Boston butss the weekend of 10/29, and 6 racks of babyback ribs this weekend. Remarkable! also smoked three pheasant breasts wrapped in country ham, but result was very dry.

    Need some advice on turkey. Plan on using a free-range turkey free of hormones, infusions, etc. Is brining necessary, or would some water in the drip pan with onions, garlic, and apples in the cavity suffice?

  7. Daniel_Honigman

    Direct from our friends over at Orion:

    I would still stick with the 7 minutes a pound with no liquid in the drip pan. If he wants, he can brine the turkey (Mixture of salt, brown sugar and water). Put the mixture in a large pot and then put the turkey in the pot (making sure it is completely submerged) and place in refrigerator 12 hours in advance of the cook.

    I will get back with you on the pheasant breasts. Someone on our facebook page did pheasant breasts and they really enjoyed how they turned out.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Brendaleejones2006

    If I want to cook two chickens at the same time (each on a different rack) do I add cooking time for the extra chicken?

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