Cigar of the Week: Rey Miguel by Pepin Garcia (Black Cat Cigar Co.)

(Note: This review originally appeared on CigarJack.)

Rey Miguel Black Cat

Brand: Black Cat Cigar Company
Line: Rey Miguel
Vitola: Toro 6 x 50
Origin: United States
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Body: Medium
Strength: Medium
Box Price: $164.95 (Box of 25)

I’ve been reviewing some local and boutique stores lately. The Bobalu Cigar Co. is one. Nat Sherman is another. I’ll be coming back to those later. The Philadelphia-based Black Cat Cigar Company is next on my list.

I was drawn to Black Cat by its all-star line of house blends, made by some of the cigar industry’s finest, including Nestor Plasencia, Henke Kelner, and the Eiroas. The Rey Miguel line, an exclusive made by “Don” Pepin Garcia, is one of the finer house brands I’ve had. Ever. (Thanks to Sam from Black Cat for getting these out to me.)

The Rey Miguel has a good pre-light draw, and once you light it, it should continue to have a superb draw and a good, even burn. This cigar produces plenty of flavor, a Pepin trademark, and it’s a hearty smoke. It starts out with a boom, smacking you with a lot of black pepper, but it smooths out about halfway, giving you an earthy taste with hints of peanuts.

My one beef with this cigar — and it’s not a beef, really — is that the ash was a bit delicate for my taste. It split more than once, but I was still able to get a good burn out of the Rey Miguel.

Verdict: The Rey Miguel is a superb cigar. It’s tasty, has that Pepin “zing,” burns well and is reasonably priced — at least a buck or two less than most Don Pepins. I know that when I finally make it to Philadelphia, I’ll be swinging by Black Cat to pick up a few of these. (Who really cares about ash anyway?)

Similar cigars: Of course, the Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label Generoso.

ADDENDUM – Due to Pepin Garcia’s workload, word is he’ll no longer be making this cigar for Black Cat. Get ’em while they’re still there!


  1. Todd Hellskitchen

    I see you are still enjoying your smokes.

    Hey, I just posted pics of the Hell’s Kitchen Food Fest over on my blog. Click each photo to go to my Flickr page where there are MANY more!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend.

    BTW, a bank has just opened in that corner storefront in your old HK building.

  2. Daniel

    Man, I remember going to the Ned Kelly’s pig roasts. Were you in the neighborhood when Nedzo’s was still there?

  3. johnrhawkins1971

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