CigarChat #6, sponsored by CAO

We’ve been enjoying our #cigarchat events so much, we’ve been keeping them going with top-notch cigar brands showcasing their very latest offerings.

Our next event, sponsored by CAO Cigars, will be on May 10, 2010 from 7:30-9:30pm CST, and we’ll be smoking the CAO La Traviata.

Once again, there will be a few sticks — and some swag — to go around. Follow me on Twitter at @DanielHonigman and keep an eye out for my announcement there. The first 10 people who DM me after that (4-5 from Chicago, 4-5 from elsewhere) will get a La Traviata cigar to enjoy during the event. (Of course, you’ll have to smoke it during the #cigarchat, and provide proof in the form of a photo or video that includes the proper hashtag.)

(NOTE: To follow the conversation on Twitter, go here.)


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