CTA Pet Peeve #1: Impatient drivers (CTAStories.com)

CTA Pet Peeve

Hey, folks. I’m introducing (yet) another new feature on my site. I figure that since any hobo with a Web site in Chicago rant about the CTA, I should too.

Without any further ado, here’s my first CTA Pet Peeve. (You can find them at CTA Stories as well.)

Ever notice that CTA bus drivers, almost without exception, will start the bus as soon as riders get on, not giving them a chance to even swipe their fare card?

This gets rather funny when helpless people get strewn towards the bus’s windshield, but annoying when it happens to oneself. These angry, gas pedal-hugging drivers should get a taste of their own medicine sometime.

Perhaps they wouldn’t need to rush if they didn’t spend eons chatting up other drivers and timekeepers along the route.

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  1. Mike

    Hey Daniel,

    Been meaning to thank you for the stories, and for the link.
    Let me know if I can do anything for you.

    Mike – ctastories.com

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