Let’s Go Rangers! Gomez + Drury + Broadway = Lord Stanley’s Cup?

…or as Larry Brooks of the New York Post refers to them, the “Blue-Chip” Rangers.

Evidently, Scott Gomez and Chris Drury wanted to lace up in the red, white and blue and become part of the best show on Broadway.

Then again, who wouldn’t want to go from East Rutherford to New York, or Buffalo to New York?

Brooks writes:

For despite the outlay of cash, the Rangers did not bribe these players to come to New York, the way they once bribed mercenaries such as Theo Fleury, Val Kamensky and Stephane Quintal to pull on the Blue$hirt. Drury and Gomez will wear the sweater – er, RBK Uniform System – because as badly as the Rangers wanted them, the feeling was mutual.

“As a kid, this was the team; there was nothing bigger and better than the Rangers where I’m from,” said Drury, who grew up rather famously in Trumbull, Conn., rooting for the Blueshirts. “This is the place.”

Gomez said:

“Let’s face it, there’s only one New York City,” said Gomez, whose contract includes veto power over a trade to three destinations per year. “It’s the biggest stage in the world: MSG.

“New York offered everything; the city, the atmosphere, a team ready to win. Everything I have and have done is because of [the Devils], but at the end of the day, it was time.”

These are two rough-and-tumble, defensive-minded centers who can shoulder some of the scoring load off “Old Man River” Brendan Shenahan and the rest of the second line.

At least they’ll be even more fun to watch this year!

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