Mark Cuban = Cubs savior? Should I care?

You’ll never really see me link to a Jay Mariotti piece, but his column in today’s Chicago Sun-Times brings hope to Cubs fans.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Chicago Cubs. Kind of has a nice ring to it, eh? If this happens, I think I’d have to start watching more Cubs games…

…wait, I didn’t just say that?


  1. kweenkong

    Hmmm… Cuban’s Cubs? Has a nice ring to it!

    Wonder what you think of Ditka’s latest rant. Oops: “cause.” I tend to agree with his p-o-v, but also understand Duerson’s frustration.

  2. Daniel

    Yeah, but Duerson was rung up for two counts of battery and two of domestic battery for beating his wife in 2005.

    Also, who insults the handicapped? Duerson seems like a piece of work.

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