Media News: Sun-Times staffers get fired via voicemail

Think back to the last time you got fired. (Hopefully you haven’t gotten fired more than once. Or better yet, never.) Remember how bad it felt?

Well, it probably doesn’t compare to the nice folks at the Chicago Sun-Times, who are being laid off over the phone.

Phil Rosenthal over at the Chicago Tribune reported last night that Sun-Times Media Group Inc., which owns the ST and dozens of other local newspapers, is making cuts at all of its publications. The STNG, according to the article, is looking to cut $3 million in payroll by eliminating 32 positions.

So far, the latest report is that the Sun-Times has cut 17 reporters/editors and another dozen newsroom jobs. Just three more to go.

Now, let’s see if Jay Mariotti jumps ship to ESPN. I mean, he’s on it enough…

Anyway, I digress. Who’s for a GapersBlock Magazine? How about a Chicagoist Weekly?


  1. David

    Voicemail, huh? That’s kind of tacky.

    I know people that never even check their voicemail. I wonder how many people will stay a few more weeks?

  2. Daniel

    Thanks for coming to my site, Dave!

    Ha. We’ll see. The Sun-Times seems to be falling apart, though. At this rate, I’ll have to stop by subscription!

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