Mets back on track with sweep over A’s

New York Mets logo

Ah, it’s about time.

After losing 14 of the last 18 games,my New York Mets completed a sweep of the Oakland Athletics Sunday at Shea Stadium with a 10-2 trashing.

It’s about time. The Mets hadn’t won a series since about 1932. But unfortunately, the Cubbies look like they’re about to sweep the White Sox at the Cell. Oh well.

Oh, and if you see an abnormally large Mets flag hanging over Clark Street in Lincoln Park in the near future, well, that’ll be me.

UPDATE: The Cubs won. Grr.


  1. Mollie

    Hopefully the Mets will be ready for the Mets v. Cubs game in August.
    By the way, you can update the post. The Cubs did sweep the Sox.

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