Mets down Cubbies in Game One of series, 5-4

New York Mets logo

It wasn’t pretty, but it counted.

The New York Mets beat the Chicago Cubs yesterday, 5-4, on a bases-loaded walk in the bottom of the ninth inning yesterday at Shea Stadium in the toilet of Queens, New York: Flushing.

After walking three straight batters with two outs in the ninth, Cubs reliever Michael Wuertz went to a full count on slumping Mets first baseman Carlos Delgado.

Wuertz’s final pitch was a few inches too high, and while Delgado trotted to first base, All-Star shortstop Jose Reyes scored the winning run.

Mets All-Star third baseman David Wright, who started out the season in a slump, has been hitting well lately. Wright helped the team erase a four-run deficit with a two-run homer, his fourth of the year.

Mollie’s bleeds Cub red-and-blue, so I watch a lot of the games with her. (In fact, this blog post is meant to rub it in a bit.) But as much as I enjoyed the Mets win, it just really depresses me to watch the Cubs bullpen.

News on Game Two tomorrow.

(Well, it’s not really a “Game Two,” per se. More like any other “game two,” but because of my relationship, it deserves to be capitalized. You know how it is.)


  1. Mollie

    It wasn’t looking good for The Mets for a while though, which made me feel good for a bit.
    In all honesty I enjoy watching Mets baseball. But when it’s against the Cubs I have to cheer for my home team.

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