Mets’ Reyes, Maine honored by MLB

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Things may be looking up again for my New York Metropolitans after a brief slump, if you can even call it that. (They’re 16-10, 2nd place in the NL East.)

Shortstop Jose Reyes and pitcher John Maine were honored by Major League Baseball as the NL Player and Pitcher of the Month.

Both have – not surprisingly – been on a tear this season. Reyes is hitting almost .350 with 28 runs and 17 stolen bases. Maine is 4-0 with a 1.35 ERA and 30 strikeouts.

At this rate, could Maine (gasp) reach 20 wins? He certainly has enough run support, at 7.56 a game, the 8th best in the bigs.

Maybe we should save some of those runs for those late-season games against Florida and Atlanta. But hey, I won’t complain.

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  1. Mollie

    Who’s in first?
    I don’t know if I’m prepared to handle the Mets in the playoffs again..
    Not becuase of the team, but how emotionally involved you get! It’s exhausting watching you watch the games.
    Anyways, are you going to be here this summer for the Cubs/Mets game? Tickets are going fast..
    (And my dad is asking..)
    Love you.
    P.S. Your site is looking great. I’m so proud of you.

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