Microsoft to buy Yahoo for $50 billion????

Dr. Evil

$50…billion…dollars. Fuhahahaha

According to a story in today’s New York Post, Microsoft may be working with Goldman Sachs to purchase Yahoo! for a whopping $50 billion dollars.

A deal between Microsoft and Yahoo! would up the combined companies’ ad search share to 27 percent against Google’s 65 percent. It would also narrow the gap in overall online ads with Google to just 13 percent, so maybe the deal’s worth doing for both sides. has been running in last place this whole time, but could a MSN-Yahoo merger topple the mighty Google? Who knows?

Then again, who says he’s even trying to? MSN isn’t that big a moneymaker for the software giants, who seem to be putting all its eggs into convergence and the so-called “magic box.” Microsoft may be working on the next generation X-Box, and if it buys Yahoo!, the Yahoo Music library could be an offering. Hmm…

But it’s funny how the Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch, is making news with this exclusive story, fresh off the heels of the announcement that Murdoch may buy Dow Jones

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