Video of the Day: Lil’ Wayne Rap City freestyle

Hey all –

Check out this Lil’ Wayne freestyle from the April 10 episode of BET’s “Rap City.”


  1. Mollie

    Pretty impressive for what I thought was a semi-talented rapper. It’s always interesting to see them freestyle and really showcase their abilities.

  2. admin

    Give me Papoose every day. While I like Lil’ Wayne, my problem is that he thinks he’s Kool G Rap or something. I’m not feeling that.

    And as far as southern rap goes, I’m waiting on We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol. 3

  3. admin

    Plus, I wonder who’s writing his rhymes now that it sure as hell isn’t Gillie da Kid, or “Willie the Squid” in 0:57 of the freestyle. If you’re going to beef with someone, call them out by name.

  4. C.J.

    Lil Wayne is the hardest rapper alive, no one can ever come close…down right the nastiest anyone has ever heard

    And people need to get hold of that Pittsburgh kid Wiz Khalifa…too hard

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