Report: Jason Giambi failed amphetamines test within last year

Oh well, he’s a New York Yankee. You can read about Jason Giambi and the story here.


  1. Evorgleb

    I just read about Giambi over at Highbrid Nation and the writer over there really put things in perspective for me. The media has really blew the whole “performance enhancing drug” thing out of proportion. Seriously, I’m not saying its ok to use these drugs but can we please stop acting like these drugs give athletes some kind of superhuman advantage over their peers.

  2. admin

    I think the reduced amount of time it takes to recover from injury helps these guys out enough. But, then again, if I were a professional athlete, the possibility of taking these drugs and hormones would always be in the back of my mind.

  3. Tim

    Admin – I wouldn’t bother responding much to Evorgleb. HE is the writer over at hibrow nation and has been sapmming other blogs sayin that the writer (him) had really put things in perspective…. what a tool.

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