Rest In Peace: Adam Honigman (1954-2007)

My father, Adam Honigman, passed away Tuesday, Oct. 16.

If you’d like to read his New York Times obituaries, you can check them out here and here.

He surely will be missed. I love you, pops.

Here’s a drawing that was made of him last year.


  1. Todd HellsKitchen

    Thanks for the comment over at my blog.

    I did not know your Dad.

    As The Daily News reported the following day, he was a respected member and active leader in the community.

    Many neighbors on the street *did* know him and were shocked and saddened by his loss.

    Condolences to you, at this difficult time…

  2. Toby OB

    I’m sorry for your loss, Daniel. I didn’t know your father all that well – we worked together at the Edison. It was mostly a matter of greetings as I worked the overnight shift at the desk and he’d be leaving after closing up the shop.

    But we’d talk on occasion and he mentioned you several times. I’m sorry he won’t be there now – in person, anyway – to see the things you accomplish in the future.

    Take care….

  3. Jody

    Daniel, I’m so sorry about your Dad. I only knew him from cyberspace, but he was a unique personality and I know you’ll miss him. You have my deepest sympathy. It’s really tough to lose your parents.

  4. ingrid

    I came across the news about your father through Wow. i can’t believe it. I used to run into him at the Westerly and the D’Agostino. I’d seen him a few times at community board meetings about the West Side Stadium, too, but was always too shy to say hello to him and what wonderful work I believed he was doing. I’m truly sorry for your loss. I swear I just saw him a week and a half ago, walking along 8th Avenue around 55th St. What happened? He seemed so upbeat. I know he’d lost a lot of weigh over the last year, too. I’m stunned.

  5. John L Eisenberg

    We met briefly in New York during your visit to the Audi dealership where your father and I worked together. During the two years I worked there, your father and I developed a relationship that included numerous meals together and as always a constant repartee that included his quick wit and sharp tongue. There were also many conversations about you, and he would qvell, as any proud father would, about your accomplishments. There were also dark moments when he would share some of his deepest thoughts and feelings and reveal his darkest side. Those of us who he chose to befriend, in the truest sense of the word, felt his sense of friendship very deeply. I can only speak for myself, I know I tried desperately to be as supportive and helpful as I could or he would allow. Having lost my father to cancer, my heart goes out to you. If you would like to contact me please feel free to do so. I will miss him terribly.

  6. Maria

    Dear Daniel;

    I am so sorry for your loss, I am sorry we could not do more to help your father through his difficulties. You were very important to him and his actions do not reflect the love he felt for you. I hope you know that. I never met a more proud dad than your’s. He talked about you all the time and was extremely proud of all your accomplishments. Hells Kitchen, Clinton is here to support you. I love you Daniel. Stay strong, I will be keeping my eye out for your future sucess.

  7. John L Eisenberg

    We met briefly when you were in New York visiting your dad. We worked together at the Audi dealership. I was fortunate enough to have been befriended by him; we spent quite a bit of time together during which he bared his soul and chose to share his deepest most thoughts and fears. What was so clear was how proud he was of you. I miss him terribly. I lost my father to cancer when he was 72.

    I can’t imagine your loss,
    john e.

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