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Ahh, the source of my blog-related inspiration over the last couple of days. John Chow, a British Columbia-based Web marketer, is the bee’s knees on the Web. His site offers tons of advice to beginning bloggers – like me – on blog etiquette and Web marketing, which is something any good blogger does.

Here’s a piece on John Chow and his site.

Basically, John Chow dot Com is blog that helps you make money online. If you do a review of his blog, he’ll link to you so his readers can check you out. That’s also something worth knowing.


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  3. DaviddeS

    Hi. I have written a list on my blog of other sites that offer links for reviews (in order of Page Rank). I thought you might be interested in adding yours or using the list to get some links from some high PR blogs. If its of use, maybe you would be kind enough to link to it on your blog. Thanks David

  4. Alan Liew

    Getting a link back from Johnchow’s money making blog is good for SEO as the blog is currently in PR6. But I wonder how much traffic can send to the reviews.

  5. Daniel

    You’d be surprised, Alan. I’ve been getting a bit of traffic from him since the review came out, but I was boosted by being the #1 commentator on his site for a few days.

  6. Make Money Online

    I saw your review on John Chow’s site today and wanted to know if you would be interested in a review exchange. Please visit my site for for review exchange rules, let me know if you are interested in a review exchange.

    –Jason Neuman

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  8. KidBlogger :: Carl Ocab


    You’ve got a great blog out there πŸ˜‰ I’m Carl, a 14 year old blogger from Philippines. I blog at

    I saw your blog on John Chow dot com and I must say, your posts were pretty good. Another thing I noticed is that you are promoting your blog through “review blogs for a linkback” I have an offer for you because I recently celebrated my birthday this May 25 and launched a contest with great prizes!


    Full Site Review – Worth $60
    Sidebar Ad – Worth $30
    2 Month Sidebar Link (Sitewide!) – Worth $30

    And last but not the least, a blog redesign Worth $100!!!

    Full details here: currently has a Pagerank of 4 and has a Technorati ranking of 4,730 that grows everyday (REALLY!) not only that.

    My blog also has an Alexa ranking of 50K! So it’s up to you to make a decision. It will only take few minutes to do an entry right? But with a whopping reward of a


    Carl Ocab

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