Site of the Day: MyMiniCity

I have to thank Todd Andrlik for posting this on his site.

It’s nothing huge, but it’s a viral RPG-type game, in which you create a city and then try to make it grow by getting other people to simply navigate to your page. (Hint, hint.)

This is Honigman City right now:

Honigman City - MyMiniCity

Please make Honigman City larger. Click here!


  1. Lloyd

    I wrote a little WordPress plugin for myMiniCity. It displays your city and the associated statistics. You can configure whether you want to display a link to add population, transportation, industry and so forth based on the needs of your city. For instance, you could only show the add population link if the unemployment was less than 5%.

    If you’re interested, you can take a look at it here:

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