Study: RSS feeds poor way to keep up with news

Not that I regret posting this or anything, but results from a recent study conducted by the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda show that those who keep up with RSS feeds from mainstream media just aren’t getting the news.

In fact, the feeds are useless for people who want little more than infotainment or the latest celebrity dirt from PerezHilton. The study says that most people should just stick with Google’s “Top Stories”. Also, some news outlets may prefer to keep some coverage out of its RSS feeds.

It’s an interesting report and I suggest at least giving it a look.


  1. Denis M.

    You know, I have to say, I find this oddly refreshing. So, by not getting RSS feeds you are actually more informed because you know that you are not on top of the news while if you did listen to RSS feeds you’d think otherwise. Henceforth, the ignorant man that knows his ignorance is more informed. Well, not really, but it’s just a thought. Personally I subscribe to MSNBC emails and

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