Technorati goes Web 2.0, um, 2.0.1.

Hey, all. I just went to check out my Technorati rank and saw that the site got a bit of a facelift. To quote my friend Tim Spangler, it’s much more “Web 2.0,” and it looks good.

My only beef is that I can’t find my site ranking as easily as I did before.

Read Kristen Nicole’s piece on here.


  1. danielle

    i couldn’t find it either today so i gave up. but i’m using jon lee’s plugin anyway so it shows up on my home page 😀 hehe…

  2. admin

    Ha, I don’t think my ranks are high enough to put something like that up. It’d be too embarrassing :-\

  3. danielle

    milestones, my friend, milestones… 😀 it’s all relative. when my t’rati ranking dropped from 3million to 1.5million, i was like, Hot damn!!! I wanna tell the whole world!! LOL

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