Welcome GapersBlock readers!

If you’ve arrived at this site via my GapersBlock piece, “Maxwell Street, Ellis Island of the Midwest”, I’d just like to welcome you to DanielHonigman.com.

I’m a 23-year-old aspiring journalist. I’m also Google’s #1-rated blog on Chicago 2016 and the #4 site overall. I’ll also post some of my favorite hip-hop videos.

But enough of that. Thanks for coming and please check out some of my favorite blog posts:

The Bridges of Cook County – Here’s a piece I wrote for the April 2007 issue of North Shore magazine.

Here are all of my Chicago 2016 posts.

Some thoughts on the CTA, which were also run on CTAStories.com.

Interesting sites from around the Web, compiled in a regular Site of the Day feature.



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