Tidbit of the Day: A-Rod’s wife packs up, leaves

I’ll never miss an opportunity to bash the New York Yankees, especially when the target is as juicy as Alex Rodriguez.

According to a gossip column in today’s New York Daily News, Rodriguez’s wife, Cynthia, packed up and left when he was out on the town with a buxom blond.

The News reports:

“In New York, A-Rod used to be a regular at the VIP Club, where he always asked for a dancer who performs under the stage name Monique.

Monique is 5-feet-5 with brown hair and brown eyes and has a well-toned, muscular figure, a pal said.

When the stripper jumped over to the Hustler Club, Rodriguez started going there to see her perform and buy sexy lap dances, a source said.

He even took her out for a pricey shopping spree at the Versace store on Fifth Ave., the source said.

Some claimed Rodriguez even shoots X-rated text messages to hisfavorite strippers across the country.

‘He loves to text dirty,’ said a strip club insider. ‘His wife should check his messages.’



  1. Mollie

    Yeah well too bad his wife doesn’t have any common sense or respect for herself. She’s back already.

    Makes perfect sense:
    1)Sees husband in multiple tabloids with strippers, escorts, etc.
    2)Take him back!

    She’s a winner. 🙂

  2. Mollie

    And if that Gucci new collection shirt she’s wearing is his ‘I’m sorry’ gift, I’d be even more offended. His last escort had a shopping spree at Dior on 5th Avenue.

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