Tidbit of the Day: Batman: The Dark Knight PHOTOS

Here are some photos of props from the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, which will star Christian Bale as the title character and Heath Ledger as The Joker, which is currently being filmed in Chicago.

Here’s the flag being used for the fictional Gotham City:

Gotham Flag

Here’s a better look at it:

Gotham Flag 2

Here’s what the Gotham City Police cars look like. Don’t they sort of resemble the NYPD cars?

Gotham Police Car

Here’s a close up of the logo:

Gotham Police logo

And finally, just to show the studio is really pumping big bucks into the film, here’s the car’s license plate, a rip-off of the Illinois state license plate:

Gotham Police car license


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  3. Mic

    The movie is almost here. I can’t wait. Great photos. I always love it whenever I’m strolling around and see props or even sequences for movies.

  4. Go Karts

    Stumbled onto your site for info about Batman. Nice photos. Can’t wait for the movie but it will be a bittersweet experience due to Ledger’s death.

  5. Mark

    Never knew it was being filmed in Chicago. Someplace besides NYC. That would be too cool to see the cop cars driving around town like that. Wonder if they pulled someone over as Gotham Police?

  6. Legal Will

    This movie has immortalized Heath's portrayal of the Joker. An immaculate swansong for the actor, his performance in this film was excellent!

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