Tidbit of the Day: Chicago taxi fare hike starts today

You probably already know about this one. Starting today, taxi drivers are going to charge an extra buck to help them out with rising gas prices. Unfortunately for drivers, customers won’t be happy about the charge, and will probably tip less.

Thank goodness for public transportation. As much as Chicagoans complain about the CTA, at least we have a semi-decent bus and train system.


  1. Mollie

    Grr. Now I always have to be up and on time for school. No more cheap $3.00 cab rides to DePaul like I would do in the winter. And although I usually LOVE walking to class in the spring, not so much when its 38* with freezing rain…

  2. chicago movers

    As much as I want to get angry with cab drivers, I can’t. What they’re earning is not enough, and the additional buck will help them a lot. I am however furious with gas prices 🙁

  3. Daniel

    I think we all are! But when it costs as much to buy groceries as it does to eat out every night, I think there’s something wrong with our economy!

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  5. SFO Taxi

    well, I am not mad at taxi drivers. they didn't have an alternative but all i want is that when the oil prices comes down again, they need to start charging less as well but unfortunately that does not happen.

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