Update #2 from Kellog Social Media Symposium: More innovation from Organic, Inc.

Chad Stoller

Mark Kingdon, CEO of Organic, Inc., presents the future of social networking

I think it’s interesting that the folks from Organic, Inc. were chosen to give the keynote speech at Kellogg’s Social Media Symposium. While all participants probably had interesting things to say, they really seem to have an idea of how to market through social networking.

Chad Stoller introduced the idea of tracking users through the areas. “Social networking is a mainstream function of the Web,” he said. Stoller showed us slides of a typical user and their Web usage in the past, present and future.

Here are some future trends, said Mark Kingdon, CEO of Organic:

1) Social media will go niche (and vertical and mobile)
2) Advertising will be by invitation only
3) Marketing will have to “give to get”.
4) Over the long-term, money will move from advertising to product development.
5) Community becomes content.

“The real goal,” he said, “is to be more like Craig Newmark and less like Rupert Murdoch. You have to be committed to giving to a community.”

Let’s see if this happens…
(Taken from presentation slides)


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