Video of the Day: ‘Stop Snitching’ (60 Minutes)

Anderson Cooper – perhaps surprisingly – did a good job covering the “Stop Snitching” phenomenon on both sides of the debate for this “60 Minutes” piece.

Our lives and families are all we have left at the end of the day. Street credibility means literally nothing in the grand scheme of things, and dead bodies look all the same.

Here’s the complete piece.

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  1. Mollie

    I really feel that Anderson Cooper could have done a lot better job by including a definition of the ‘subculture of violence’ and explaining the pretense on which the trust and respect complex works within that community. I think Cam was right to call him out and straight up tell him that he has no idea how it works. If Anderson has an idea, he could at least attempt to explain it to the “60 Minutes” audience, who are most likely not considering it.

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