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Site of the Day:

If you’re looking to build any sort of online community, I suggest checking out Community Spark, created by Martin Reed, who seems to be some sort of freelance Web marketer.

Reed offers up all sorts of useful advice, from interviews with Web developers to profiles of new Web tools to the importance of ad selection – and placement – on one’s site in an attempt to dispel the myth that all ads are bad.

Overall, it’s a pretty cool site, and it’s ad-free – at least for now. But I suggest checking it out.

Site of the Day: Kuler

If any of you are designing anything – a Web site, a magazine, a room, whatever – check out Kuler.

Created by Adobe, Kuler is a Web-hosted app (it’s linked to Creative Suite 3) that configures color schemes inside your browser. Basically, it’s an awesome site and worth bookmarking.

If anything, checking out Kuler online is cheaper than buying the full suite, which starts at about $1,200. Yowza!

Here’s a video about it.

Site of the Day: Mental Floss

The Mental Floss magazine Web site is definitely worth checking out. Recommended to me by Roger Kamholz, a buddy of mine, awhile back, the magazine is a smart, snarky rag with an eclectic mix of feature and news stories. It’s a thought-leader publication that is somewhat reminiscent of Good Magazine, but without the moral compass.

Basically, the site, powered by WordPress isn’t necessarily flashy, but as I skimmed the posts, I felt as if it were a timestamped rendition of the weird thoughts people have every day. (Check out the staff bios here.) The site also features blog posts and trivia.

If you’d like to recommend some sites, please Click e-mail me.

Site of the Day: More on Google Shadow

I sent Gary Lee a message about Google Shadow and about his pledge to donate money to the American Red Cross. Here’s how he responded:

“it’s just my own personal promise . . . . once i get up to the $100 mark, i will donate all of it to the redcross . . . GoogleShadow hasn’t hit it so big that they’re going to contact me about it just yet!”

So let’s help him get there. Check it out, folks!