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Chicago 2016 Olympics Update: Chi-town to host world amateur boxing championships

2016 Update

The International Amateur Boxing Association announced Thursday that Chicago would take Moscow’s place as the host city for this year’s amateur championships. Matches will be held from Oct. 17 to the final on Nov. 1.

Moscow was deselected because it didn’t live up to its committments, said AIBA, whatever that means. (Probably money or politics.)

“We know that Chicago has a great boxing tradition and we are excited about the opportunity of showcasing our sport in such an important American city,” AIBA president C.K. Wu said in a statement.

It could be a decent stage on which Chicago can show off its international feathers, and I have no doubt it will, but I think one event is about all anyone can handle.

But I suppose you never know.

(More information coming soon.)

ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS ALERT: Read AIBA’s full statement here.