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Chicago 2016 Update: Chicago 2016 security plans

2016 Update

I called in on the Chicago Access Network Television show, “Muhammad and Friends,” hosted by Munir Muhammad. (Don’t laugh. I was drawn in by the John Coltrane rendition of “My Favorite Things” during the break.)

Muhammad, appointed by Governor Rod Blagojevich to the Illinois Human Rights Commission in 2003, had Chicago Deputy Police Superintendent Charles L. Williams on his show today, and I was able to ask him about any Chicago 2016 security plans in place.

While he unfortunately would not say any specifics (perhaps because they didn’t have any plans yet) he maintained that there was some sort of regional plan in the works.

My impression was that this would involve Illinois State Police and the Illinois National Guard, operating out of Chicago’s spanking-new $6.5 million security command center in McCormick Place.

Still, your guess is as good as mine.