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Chicago 2016 Update: Chicago still in hunt for 2016 Summer Olympics

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Chicago was chosen as a finalist in the International Olympic Committee’s host search for the 2016 Olympics.

According to Chicago Tribune reporter Philip Hersh, the other cities chosen were Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid.

One point of concern for the IOC, however, is Chicago’s public transportation system. The committee issued a report, “Games of the XXXI Olympiad 2016 Working Group Report.” Here’s an excerpt from the report’s transportation section:

The Chicago Application File states that the city expects to spend USD 27 billion on motorway and transit projects by 2016. However, the Working Group found that this figure was not consistent with the existing, planned and additional transport infrastructure project figures listed in the Application File (total amount of USD 2.7 billion).

In general, venues along Michigan Lakefront appear to be well connected to the major coastal motorway (Lake Shore Drive) but are not in close proximity to rail lines and stations. The Working Group had difficulty in identifying the location of transport projects and therefore assessing the coherence between transport projects and the Olympic Games concept.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Stay tuned, folks.