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Chicago 2016 Update: Chicago’s security status expected to limit costs

2016 Update

The cost of securing an Olympics can get pretty high, I’d imagine. But, reports Kathy Bergen of the Chicago Tribune, Chicago’s bill may be a bit less than that of other cities.

“You have a well-developed infrastructure already in place in Chicago, unlike in Athens, which was building as it was going, slapping paint on as guests were arriving,” said Bob Sikellis, managing director at Vance, a security firm with Olympics experience. “In Athens, you had police officers with rusty revolvers before the games, and updating basic law-enforcement equipment was part of the cost.”

Bergen also interviewed Doug Arnot, director of venues/operations for the bid committee for the Chicago 2016 bid committee:

“Given that Salt Lake City spent $320 million, plus $12.7 million to upgrade security at the airport, and that the 2016 Games are still nearly 10 years away, that puts the likely cost at around $1 billion to secure Chicago, should it win the right to host the games, a decision expected in late 2009. This would represent one-third of likely operating costs,” he said.

In all, it was a well-researched piece. And an interesting one, at that. The thing is, I would like to know some specifics about any preliminary plans that are in place, but that’s just me.