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Chicago 2016 Update: Link to gets deleted on Wikipedia…twice

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Evidently, someone doesn’t like me.

Seeing as I’m Google’s #1-ranked blogger for most terms related to the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid, I tried linking my “Chicago 2016” category page to Wikipedia’s entry for the bid as an external link.

It was deleted. Twice.

Here’s a question for you: gets all sorts of visits from folks looking for information about the bid, and I’d like to think it’s a good resources for them. Was it wrong for me to try to promote my page on Wikipedia as a source? If not, was it wrong for it to be deleted? The other two external links up there are the official Chicago 2016 committee page and the Chicago African American Olympic Committee page.

I mean, if I didn’t regularly add bid-related content from various news sources, I wouldn’t have added it. What do you think?