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Chicago 2016 Update: Madrid joins the fray, approved for 2016 Olympic bid

2016 Update

Looks like Chicago’s going to have some tough competition.

Earlier today, the Spanish Olympic Committee approved Madrid’s bid as its official candidate for the 2016 Olympic Games, two years after losing to London for the 2012 Games. Madrid placed third out of five cities for the 2012 Games.

The Madrid bid committee still has to file its bid with the International Olympic Committee. So far, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo have been approved by their respective national Olympic committees, but the initial bids must be filed by Sept. 13.

While Madrid is one of the only major European capitals never to have hosted the Games, Barcelona – another Spanish city – hosted the 1992 Olympics.

“This is an initiative that represents an important step based on the experiences of 2012,” Madrid mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon said. “Today, Madrid confirms the irreversible decision to be an Olympic city.”

My opinion: Madrid’s bid is new and improved. Its bid committee is savvy. Chicago’s bid – and its committee – are limping along.