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Chicago 2016 Update: Polish, Greek languages not part of Chicago 2016 welcome

2016 Update

Are you kidding me?

John Kass, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, wrote in today’s paper that the Chicago 2016 bid campaign dropped Polish- and Greek-language greetings from its “Welcome to Chicago” mini-campaign.

This is insane. The Polish have enjoyed a 150-year history here in Chicago and the Olympics originated in Greece. Greek was dropped because the committee couldn’t figure out how to say “Welcome to Chicago” in the language.

But here’s the reason Polish was dropped, according to Chicago 2016 spokesman Patrick Sandusky.

“Well, we didn’t have room for everybody.”

It just shows that the Chicago 2016 committee could give two s**ts about the city. Way to win over local support. I’m not Polish and I’m even pissed about this.

(NOTE: I also find it odd that Chicago 2016 hasn’t made any of its press releases public after winning the U.S. bid last month. Do they really have nothing to say?)