Chicago 2016

Chicago 2016 Update: R.I.P. Chicago 2016 logo (2006-2007)

2016 Update

Chicago Tribune Olympics reporter Philip Hersh, as always, is on the ball. And he brings some sad news.

The Chicago 2016 logo is history, according to International Olympic Committee rules. The rules state that logos “shall not contain the Olympic symbol, the Olympic motto, the Olympic flag, any other Olympic-related imagery (e.g. flame, torch, medal, etc.), slogan, designation or other indicia or the distorted version thereof or a design confusingly similar thereto.” (ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS ALERT: I’ve linked to a .PDF version of the rules.)

Will this hurt Chicago’s chances of getting the 2016 Olympics? Maybe. If anything, it either shows American stupidity (Oh, we actually won the American bid for the Games! Why did we make a logo we can’t use?) or arrogance (F*** the rules – we’ll design our logo however we want). Either way, it was stupid. And the Chicago 2016 committee should be ashamed of itself.

For the new logo, how about incorporating a symbol that has long been a part of Windy City tradition: the Chicago-style phallus.

I’ll update you all on the new Chicago 2016 logo when it’s unveiled to the public. Stay tuned!