Chicago Epicurean: Orion Cooker

Orion Cooker

I just have to get this out there. Buy this item! Mollie’s dad has one of these Orion Cookers and it makes the most amazing ribs, prime rib, etc.

It’s a coal-heated convection cooker, but food that’s made on it will taste better than if it were made on your pimped-out $1,500 Weber Summit Platinum D6 gas grill. And it requires no supervision – you just dump charcoal around the outside, put your meat in the cooker, close the lid and that’s it.

But the best part: it only costs $150. Check it out!

(Note: I posted this in my Chicago Epicurean section because well, this is Chicago. And Chicagoans love their ribs, chicken, burgers – pretty much anything that’s meat. It’s not high-brow, but who cares?)