Cigar of the Week

Cigar of the Week: CAO Cameroon L’Anniversaire Belicoso

Brand: CAO
Line: Cameroon L’Anniversaire
Vitola: Belicoso 6 x 54
Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Body: Mild-to-Medium
Strength: Mild-to-Medium
Box Price: $133.95 (Box of 20)

Description: In 1998, Nashville-based CAO released its box-pressed L’Anniversaire line to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary. Now, I don’t smoke too many box-pressed cigars, but I inherited a humidor full of CAO Maduros when I was 17, and I feel nostalgic whenever I smoke one.

The CAO Cameroon was introduced in 1999 to some critical success, but I occasionally tend to be on the late end of the cigar adoption bell curve, so I’ve never tried one. Until now, that is.

When I think of a CAO cigar, I think of quality, and the Cameroon is no exception. The cigar looks pretty good. It’s leathery-looking and doesn’t have too many veins. Now–some of you may hate me for this–but with Toro-shaped cigars, I use my cutter to take only a teeny bit off, and then I chew the crap out of it. So when I lit this stogie up, I got a really nice, even burn, and an amazing draw. (A couple of days later, I had one that, due to my own negligence, was a bit dry. I found the burn was no less brilliant.)

When I started the CAO Cameroon, I found it to have hints of cinnamon; but as I smoked it down, it smoothed out all the way to the nub. With this cigar, you’ll really able to appreciate its caramel and coffee overtones. I recommend pairing it with a cup of coffee.

Verdict: This tasty cigar is smooth as hell. There’s no question why it’s one of CAO’s more popular cigars.

Similar cigars: Taste-wise, you’ll find the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos line to be similar.

(This post originally appeared on CigarJack.)