Cigar of the Week

Cigar of the Week: Flor de Oliva Torpedo

(Note: This review originally appeared on CigarJack.)

Flor de Oliva cigar #1

Brand: Oliva
Line: Flor de Oliva
Vitola: Torpedo 6 x 52
Origin: Nicaraguan
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Body: Medium
Strength: Medium
Box Price: $42.00 (Bundle of 25)

Several weeks ago, I reviewed the Occidental Reserve, a bundle offering from Dania, Fla.-based Alec Bradley. Since then, I’ve smoked some fairly expensive stogies.

But it’s time to get back to reality. So for this installment, I give you the Flor de Oliva [link to whatever].

If you’re looking for a go-to cigar that’s easy on the wallet, this may be it. The Flor de Oliva is Oliva’s bundle offering, but instead of hitting up the rest of the line (gotta love that Serie O maduro…mmm), you may be happy with this as your everyday smoke.

It’s not the smoothest-looking cigar. Walt over at Stogie Review recently checked out the FO Corojo and described its toothy texture. You’ll see some of that with this cigar, but against its red, white and blue band, it’s not bad-looking — it’s just a bit rough around the edges.

Instead, you’ll have to kiss this frog to see it become a prince, or in this case, a princess.

Taste-wise, the Flor de Oliva is extremely complex for a cigar of its price. It’s earthy, cedary and tangy. One warning, however: the cigars seem to be dipped in some sweet substance before they’re shrink-wrapped. (If any of you can figure out what it is, I’ll give you a shiny new nickel.) It’s not overpowering, and there’s not too much of it. Personally, I think it actually adds a layer of complexity, but I certainly didn’t expect this when I bought the damn things. If you don’t like your smokes a touch sweet, I’d think about staying away; however, I sure as hell think it’s worth a test drive.

Flor de Oliva cigar #2

Look at that handsome, handsome guy; he’s got a good-looking cigar there.

And then there’s its construction. For a cheap-o cigar, I got some of the best construction I think I’ve ever had. (See photo…and note the comfy chair; I recommend all cigar smokers get one!) The burn was even, the ash was white, and, as you can see, it stayed on. What more could you want from this killer two-hour smoke?

Verdict: If my humidor weren’t full, I’d order more of these babies right now. It’s one of the best value cigars I’ve ever smoked.

Similar cigars: Can’t really think of anything quite like it, but I’ll keep you posted.