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Cigar of the Week: Graycliff G2 Churchill

(Note: This review originally appeared on CigarJack. And yes, I know this isn’t a new week, but I really don’t want to post this next week!)

Brand: Graycliff
Line: G2
Vitola: Churchill 7 x 48
Origin: Bahamas
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Costa Rican
Filler: Costa Rican, Nicaraguan and Philippino tobaccos
Body: Medium
Strength: Medium
Box Price: $170.99 (Box of 25)

Another day, another Graycliff. But who’s complaining?

Several weeks ago, I reviewed the Graycliff Professionale, a mighty tasty cigar. At $20 a pop, though, who has the cash to smoke these on a regular basis?

With this in mind, the company, which features Cohiba vet Avelino Lara
as its go-to cigar blender, has a budget (read: normal-priced) offering, the G2.

Basically, the G2 is a good, mild (daresay luxurious?) smoke. But here’s where it gets interesting: It’s full-bodied, but really, really creamy-tasting. I was taken aback a bit, I won’t lie. As the cigar progressed, I was struck by its intensity, and while most cigars may become more nutty and a bit darker, this one stayed consistent throughout. If anything, it got a tad spicy towards the very end.

The cigars burn evenly and have a nice draw. Also, one thing I’ve noticed with G2s is that the ash is always superb. It looks super, super delicate and flaky, almost to the point where it looks like it’ll fall off. For some reason, though, it seems to hang on.

Verdict: If I were a Graycliff guy, I’d say this one is right up my alley.

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