Cigar of the Week

Cigar of the Week: Montecristo White Rothchilde

Montecristo White 1
Booyah. The Montecristo White Rothchilde

When I’m back home in New York, I make it a point to stop by at my old cigar shop, JR Cigar on 5th Avenue. They always have great deals and, well, who wouldn’t want to hang out in a cool, comfortable humidor…err, store?

Now, usually I like a nice, cheap stick. But as my trip to New York last month was — to say the least — stressful, I wanted to treat myself. So I picked up a couple of Montecristo White Rothchildes (6.1 x 52).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to smoke them in New York, so I enjoyed them in my favorite smoking chair back in Chicago.

The Montecristo White is a good-looking cigar. It has a Connecticut shade wrapper from Ecuador, a Nicaraguan binder and is filled with a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco. But when I think of a Montecristo, it’s all about the look.

I mean, look at it:

Montecristo White 2
The Montecristo White Rothchilde

But, living up to its name, the Montecristo White is a smooth smoke. It smells a bit like cedar, but when I inhaled it, my nostrils stung a bit. This cigar has a bit of a kick at first, but when it’s lit, it’s mild enough for smokers of any level. It has a toasty flavor and would make a wonderful breakfast cigar, paired up with a strong cup of Intelligentsia coffee.

As for construction, the cigars were well made, and both of them burned evenly. (I had a nice column of ash going, too!)

Then there’s the cost. One of these babies will run you about $10, so I wouldn’t — probably ever — make this my regular smoke. But it may be a good thing to have around for small celebrations, bar mitzvahs, Web 2.0 site launch parties, etc.