Cigar of the Week

Cigar of the Week: Occidental Reserve Robusto

My ongoing search for a tasty everyday (read: affordable) cigar hasn’t gone too well. (It seems I have a taste for cigars that generally cost $5-$6 a pop.)

Last October, Mollie’s dad, a fellow cigar fan, gave me an Occidental Reserve cigar, and I was impressed. It was light, almost buttery, but it had soul. Not only was this an extremely tasty cigar; It burned well, smelled good and had a good feel.

I recently picked up a couple of OR robusto cigars to give them another try, and I was once again very impressed. The Occidental Reserve robusto has a complex, creamy taste that’s almost like a high-end Davidoff Special R. (This should be no surprise, as Davidoff’s Hendrik Kelner produces it.) . The cigar itself was solidly constructed, burned evenly (it didn’t go out once!) and was a pleasure to smoke.

And then there’s the cost. These babies will only run you $2.50 or so. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a good daily smoke, but it holds its own against more expensive cigars.

Occidental Reserve Robusto 1
The Occidental Reserve Robusto
Occidental Reserve Robusto 2
Mmm. Tasty.